Go pro with Topshop

Now that I have got myself a budding photographer we can go to town with styling/makeup/photos!

Sara T of http://szxara.wordpress.com/ found an empty office  which was being  wired when we used it as our backdrop for our first photoshoot with a professional camera.  Sara did such a great job as she was learning the ropes of how to work the camera (her bro was called a couple of times for technical support :p).

Anyway, our photoshoot not only was a way to practice some skills but an opportunity to showcase some great purchases from Topshop. Kate Moss has literally launched her fringe fashion collection. I must admit that girl has style and I couldn’t help but buy the “swing crochet cami top” (£48). It was so comfy and the material is weighty so if it gets breezy it will not be swishing all over the place. The pom pom edge details is so cute. Definitely will wear this to death over the summer. Thanks Kate!

Another Topshop purchase, the fluoro pink pants (£35). The pants may hang like I am reliving MC Hammer but however they are so comfy and the mosaic tile design just makes it on-point for summer. Might not wear it to upcoming wedding parties however I will happily roll around the English parks and river banks in my best clothing purchase this year.

Sara T lent me her Monki baggy denim jackets. It is so 80’s. We did some shots with a snapback cap, channelling my inner ghetto.. or should that be inner triad?! Nah I don’t have my stereotypical dragon tattoo on my back so it was a bad attempt.

Now onto my lashes, I’m wearing POP fake eye lashes. I love how the fakies actually make my eye pop. I did my own make-up, go figure..I need to fully go pro seeing as I am a make-up artist that needs more practice. The fakies are pink polka dot faux feather. They are really comfy to wear and apply. The trick is to make sure your eye liner is applied thicker than usual and curl your eye lashes before the application.

I cannot wait for our next photoshoot together. Sara is already making props so watch this space…





The greatest issue I have as a blogger starting out isn’t the ideas, it’s finding a willing photographer who will give me a little direction, makes me comfortable to express my creativity in front of the camera, and importantly encourages me. Well after a year of half-hearted blogging, I have finally snapped up a winner. We have this  fresh graduate at work who is super enthusiastic about…well everything. I’m sure she lives by the motto “YOLO.” We got chatting and I told her about my blog and she mentioned that she wants to do a photography blog…one issue- she hasn’t mastered the art of photography yet.  I was like “Girlfriend, no problem. Start the blog and help take photos of me. You gotta start somewhere right?”

So my little photographer (Sara T) and I did a mini shoot on the i-phone. We gotta ease into this and create a language we can both understand. It was so much fun as she made me laugh throughout the shoot. Bless she is a natural.

I was wearing a killer outfit to work that day and I was like we gotta capture this. I had recently bought a new leopard print slim-fit midi skirt from Alice & You. I originally saw the skirt in red from Dorothy Perkins.com however they had sold out in my size so I went on this wild goose chase for it and landed on the blue one which works better with my pale skin tone.

I teamed the midi skirt with a simple white COS tee, &Other Stories flats, this season’s gold and orange necklace from H&M and I borrowed Sara T’s pleather jacket from Dorothy Perkins. Oh oh oh and how could I forget my most recent purchase….the Mulberry Del Rey bag (size small) in deer brown. There is an incredible story behind this bag and I did not get this at the RRP of £795, I got it for £377!!! There is a secret shop that I go to to buy my designers at a really reasonable price and it is a legitimate store, not a white van. And it’s not TKMaxx. I adore my beautiful new bag. It is exactly what I have been searching for. A crossover bag, that is compact and is able to fit almost my life in it. Plus it is super stylish. Score!


image (1)

image (4)

image (2)

image (3)

The Spring jumper limbo

Sweaters. Jumpers. Pullovers.

Whatever you call them, you have to have a good variation of them in your wardrobe. Post-Christmas I jumped into this frenzy of buying jumpers in the sale. Working in my freelance job for a knitwear company I am “contracted”to look out for knitwear and take photos of interestingly looking designs or interpretations of knitwear.  The temptation is that sometimes I want to buy the entire knitwear collection and it is a true test of self-control that I keep a cool business head when I am working.

This frenzy was a combination of lust and a hunger for a good bargain. I managed to buy a burgundy jumper from New Look. I was checking the sale rack on a whim (yeh right) on the day I was flying to Bilbao, Spain, for a foodie birthday trip and I was thinking I didn’t have something quite right to wear if I was cold. Getting the balance right with your travel wardrobe is a challenge. So I saw this burgundy almost crop-like knitted jumper. It was really simple and had a cute holey design around the front and back. OK priced at £11, that’s a good deal. Went to the check out and it turned out to be £6. Amazing. This jumper turned out to keep me warm during my trip and when the weather became warm and I took my coat off the holes in the jumper allowed ventilation. Resourceful.

The lust for more jumpers did not stop there. I’m hooked especially when we can’t shake off the nippy weather at the moment. Is it cold or is it going to be warm? I just have no idea. My friend gave me a gift card for my birthday for COS! *SCREAM* I LOVE COS!!!! I obviously hot-footed my way to minimalistic fashion heaven. The collection was great and I thought about investing into a dress or some accessories but who was I kidding. I took one look at their knitwear and grabbed this dolphin blue jumper. I totally adore this jumper. It’s such a perfect Spring jumper. It’s not too thick to cause heat-stroke when you wear it but it’s density is ample in the breezy weather. I love the colour as well. It’s not dull but very refined.I love COS. They just keep getting it spot on. The day I bought this I had dinner with friends and it became really cold in the evening, COS jumper comes to the rescue. Popped it on and I was as snug as baby being swaddled.





The versatile Burberry trench

Spring is upon us (mini cheer).

But… we face the crushing wardrobe dilemma , “What on earth do we wear to work?” We love the bright mornings and seeing the blue sky as we leave work; it’s just that we can’t figure out how to get it right in the clothes department. On the way to work you see an eclectic interpretation of each person trying to play weather reporter. There are people who see a smidgen of sunlight and the flip flops and beach shorts come out. Then there’s the polar extreme- thick winter coat and gloves for those who are reassuring themselves that the idiots wearing the flip flops will regret it because the weather WILL change by the afternoon. The honest truth is our attempt is a good attempt because this British Spring weather is so unpredictable.

For Spring we have to go into it with a good attitude- be versatile. There’s plenty of clothes that can keep us looking fresh but ensure we are “protected” by the temperamental season.

I recently bought a Burberry double-breasted trench coat (Buckingham style) and it is amazing. I have always always wanted to own a Burberry trench coat. It is so well-made and I do not feel like a chav in it at all. The tailoring is exquisite and the details just contribute to making the coat impeccably stylish. My (hehe) Burberry trench coat is in the sand colour and it works incredibly well with this season because it’s light tone screams Spring. With the outer wear sorted you can maybe work some darker tones into your outfit. I’m feeling black skinny jeans and a white crochet jumper. I love this one from Bershka. They have a great collection of crochet tops at the moment. Also the reason why I recommend this particular top is that it’s on trend at the moment with the flirty cropped detail and it is a light jumper so it can keep you semi warm.


If all fails in the wardrobe department just carry a shawl/scarf and an umbrella. Wearing wellies would be a step too far but I’m sure someone will be rocking the festival look off season.

Here’s a few pics of me in my Burberry trench coat along with another new purchase- Longchamp Le Pliage medium travel bag in rose, one of this season’s colours. I’m wearing my GAP white collarless shirt, black tights and COS necklace.





Fashion Fit

Recently I’ve been getting back to keeping fit. Last year I decided to eat less meat and that really made a big difference to my waistline. However I didn’t do any exercise because I am far too lazy to get active. No amount of detox juices or salads can keep you trim. The reason I decided to get active again is because my job has become quite demanding and the only way to break free from the work-buzz is to run it off at the park. The first few times I went running I felt great but the aftermath of getting active after 2 years was almost traumatising…I functioned like I was waiting for my zimmer-frame to come back from being serviced.

I decided to get a new pair of trainers as my Nike’s are quite worn, and funky coloured trainers seem to be all the trend these days. So I gave myself a budget of £50 to buy a pair of decent running shoes that would double as a fashion focus to my daily outfit. I went into Urban Outfitters and saw some Nike burgundy trainers….ADORED them but they were £80!!! The sales person completely ignored me when I wanted to try on my size (the shop floor was completely empty) and when I was in her face to ask for help she was completely rude. You just lost me as a customer. I left straight away. Even if I adore a pair of trainers I wouldn’t give my money to this store. You have failed.

My friend was with me when I saw these wonderful Nike’s and she suggested that we visit the Nike outlet in Wembley Park. Hands-up who knew about this outlet park?! So we went after work and I must say it felt like a miniature version of Gunwharf Quays outlet in Portsmouth. Went into Nike, saw a pair of trainers but they didn’t have my size. Ok so we left and went into Adidas. They had some Stella McCartney for Adidas trainers but it was an utter shame that they did not have my size because the mark-down was incredible! I looked around and then I saw some trainers which I thought really fitted my criteria. Originally £65, it was marked down to £45.50 and the colour combination is great and not too in your face. Tried them on and it was perfect. Off to pay. At the till, the trainers were rung through. I looked at the till display…yes ok correct £45.50. Got my credit card out and the lady says, “Ok that will be £34.12.” Say what???I love it when that happens. A mark-down upon a mark-down. Pretty chuffed about that!

I think my running outfit just got a facelift. Introducing my new purple sole, dark grey runners with a fluoro orange detail on the stripes. Yeah baby!!






Breaking the white shirt hate


White collarless shirt (GAP), black tights & grey sphere necklace (COS)

I have not blogged since October 2013. Oops. Shame on me but happy belated New Year!

It’s been so crazy busy and walking around doing my fashion freelance job every week makes me miss my blogging and just sharing my style with peeps. So I’m back and determined to keep sharing.

If you have ever hung out with me or noticed the clothes I wear you will never EVER see me wearing shirts/blouses. I would never even look at them in the store…the hate is that bad. However I think it looks great on others but it’s not a look I see myself carrying until…my friend encouraged me to go and get a white shirt. She said that it suited my style. There is a side to me where I like clean lines. As you know if I buy an item of clothing…I gotta love it, love it and details has to meet every criteria I pre-empt.

After that encouragement encounter, I happened to walk into a Gap and bought some maroon coloured jeans. Thought I was going to pay when I saw a white collarless shirt with a pleated detail at the top of the torso area. I thought it looked quite Victorian and it covered my bum. Ok so I tried it on….I gotta say I did adore the look. I got 30% off so I thought I may as well.  All of a sudden I’m being inspired from this inner hate and I am shocked. I went on to buy a grey asymmetric  long sleeved top to go with it. What’s going on?

The simplicity of a white shirt can be the spark to an inspiring style journey.

Commes des Garcons & Fashiongrace crossover

My obsession with white t-shirts will never end. I just can’t stop buying them. My ultimate white t-shirt has to be the Commes de Garcons PLAY one. I have always thought that they were quite highly priced. It’s such a risk purchasing a white t-shirt because one you get it dirty that’s it…..you cannot wear it out. I’ve always been into the white CDG T with the big gold heart and the little red one. That would be my ideal combination. However last week I hawk-eyed a CDG T at £30 down from it’s usual £75 (ish). The reason it was so cheap was that it was deemed an L rather than an M. These sizes are made for petite oriental people. I don’t mind wearing an L seeing as my shoulders are so broad I can pull off an L. The T is quite loose which is totally my style but I had an issue with the long sleeves so the idea of a CDG crossover (collaboration) with FashionGrace was needed. 


Here is the original CDG T



Then I added some FashionGrace love to it and tada…. x x x x successful CROSSoverP1120275




Cannot wait to wear this CDG X FashionGrace limited edition. Yes! One of a kind!